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Contemplative Enneagram Practice Community

“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.”

Evolving Enneagram is known internationally for its unique contemplative, community-based approach to transformation. 

We host in-person and hybrid retreats as well as weekly online contemplative Enneagram groups.  Founded in 2017, our Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram (aka “CPE”) practice and support groups are here to support you in deepening your relationship to your authentic self and to embody more fully your soul’s purpose. 

Learn more about our online CPE groups and to register for our upcoming sessions below. 

If you are seeking a live, in-person, in-depth experience, join us for an upcoming Contemplative Enneagram Soul Journey! 


CPE groups are facilitated online circles in which individuals of diverse backgrounds from around the globe come together on a weekly basis to hold sacred witnessing space for one another’s ongoing journey of revelation and transformation–informed by the Enneagram. The commitment is to a 12-week cohort. However, many choose to re-up as they come to discover a safe — and brave — space for deep healing and transformation. Many of our participants have been active in CPE since 2017.

Spots are limited. If CPE participation calls to you, check out our 2024 schedule and apply to register below. 

The ideal participant already knows their Enneagram Type or and has some experience with meditative practices. However, sometimes, sheer enthusiasm can open you a spot! What we are looking for are individuals who are devoted to their own conscious awakening.

CPE groups are unique, transformational, interspiritual cohorts ranging from 6 to 16 people of diverse spiritual backgrounds from around the world. (You do not have to be spiritual or religious to join. You can simply be spiritually open and curious.)

CPE is for individuals who already know their Enneagram type and who seek to cultivate a discipline of contemplative practice in a compassionate, non-dogmatic Enneagram-literate community.

Each CPE cohort meets weekly for 90 minutes per session. We start our time together with a brief guided meditation, check ins, and then practice at least 20 minutes of centering prayer (a practice of sacred silence & surrender) each meeting. Each meeting, we also explore a topic related to the Enneagram &/or contemplative practice.

Group sharing is held in a sacred listening context, under the belief that you already have wisdom within you and our group’s presencing you, we support you in discerning and embodying your own truth.

Prior knowledge of Centering Prayer is a plus but NOT mandatory as the practice will be taught in the first group meeting. See below for a handy crib sheet.

All CPE groups are facilitated by a team (2 or more people), rather than by just one facilitator. The team will include core Evolving Enneagram faculty (shown below) as well as occasional leaders drawn from our own EE community.

There will be no mandatory tuition for CPE. Instead, all CPE groups will operate on a Pay What You Can basis. (For those curious about the suggested contribution, tuition was previously $20/pp per session.)


Each CPE cohort meets weekly for 12 weeks. You may participate in multiple cohorts at a time.

Winter Session beginning week of January 8 ending week of March 25

Spring Session beginning week of April 15 ending week of July 1

Fall Session beginning week of September 16 (skipping week of Nov 25 for Thanksgiving observed in U.S.) ending week of Dec 9

Mondays 6-7:30 PM CST/CDT

  • NOTE: We observe Daylight Savings Time
  • Team led by Nhien with Macha & Kristina

Tuesdays 1-2:30 PM CST/CDT

  • NOTE: We observe Daylight Savings Time
  • Team led by Angela with Nhien & Kristina

Wednesdays 1-2:30 PM CST/CDT

  • NOTE: We observe Daylight Savings Time
  • Team led by Nhien + Angela

Thursdays 1-2:30 PM CST/CDT

  • NOTE: We observe Daylight Savings Time
  • Team led by Nhien with Macha + Kristina + George


EE Founder Nhien Vuong shares reflections on contemplative practices & the Enneagram

Voluntary contribution to CPE program

CPE is offered free to all who need it. Please consider that your voluntary contribution to our CPE programs is not meant to be “in exchange” for services offered but rather is intended as a pay-it-forward offering to keep these groups open to all who need it.🫶❤️ NOTE: For guidance, past CPE groups were $20/session.



Where an intentional community may be built around a myriad of different goals or intentions, a Conscious Community is an intentional community whose members are actively engaged in the work of relating to each other and the world around them from a place other than their habitual and unconscious patterns, both on an individual and collective level. Individually, this means that each person is working with their type in relating to each other person both inside and outside the community.

We are grateful that our community was expressly referenced in The Conscious Enneagram as an example of an authentic Conscious Community!

Our CPE groups are inclusive of individuals from all nationalities, backgrounds, sexual orientation, and gender identification. We honor the innate wholeness in all humans everywhere. 

Applications are required because we keep our groups under ~20 people to make space for deeper sharing and so we look for individuals who have done some work already on their own path and who are ready to go deeper.

Our vision is to continue to train CPE facilitators from our own community so we can offer more and more of these sacred spaces to all who seek it.

Our participant experiences....

I am so grateful knowing Nhien during our last conference in Egypt. Since then, I knew that our paths will come back together again, and I hope it will continue to cross. Knowing such a beautiful lady as Nhien is a blessing and value added for my soul, the level I have had during Nhien's Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram (CPE) sessions of love, acceptance, safety and friendship has been beyond my expectations, which helped me to connect with my inner world smoothly. Every session has had its own unique impact upon my heart. In other words CPE is a life- changing experience.
Shatha Sayer
(EGYPT) Accredited Professional Enneagram Teacher, Enneagram Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.
As a teacher of both contemplative practices and the Enneagram (certified teacher with the Conscious Living Center), I am thoroughly impressed with Nhien's work! Taking part in Nhien's contemplative Enneagram programs and spiritual tutoring groups has been a true joy! Nhien isn't only well prepared and informed, but more importantly, she is always grounded in presence. Whether she shows up to teach or to offer deep listening, I'm struck by how she consistently does so mindfully and fully present, body, mind, and spirit. Thank you Nhien for all the work you do and for being who you are!
Keith Kristich
(NY, USA) Founder of Closer Than Breath
I have loved being part of Nhien’s contemplative Enneagram programming. Her contemplative format is uniquely supportive, compassionate and authentic. It has helped me gently explore assumptions/blindspots I had been living with. It provided a safe space for my soul to come out of hiding. The questions and insights shared by Nhien have helped me to develop a deeper understanding of myself and the others in the group. Each week I could feel my empathy and appreciation for others growing as we shared (or sat with) the beauty and grime of our lives and held space for one another through this. The middle part of the session involves a beautiful centering prayer practice which gave us space to listen to the movement of the Spirit in the company of others. As a Spiritual Director and Enneagram coach myself, I felt so grateful to have been compassionately held by expert hands through a particularly challenging time of transition. I would highly recommend joining CPE.
Sarah Carruthers
(New Zealand)
I had no idea what I signed up for when I joined Rev. Nhien's CPE group. I could not have been more warmly welcomed into this beautiful community. I find Rev. Nhien's Enneagram teachings & shares to be deeply spiritual. Her emotional breadth & deep knowledge of the Enneagram supports and informs my individual transformation as well as my teachings. Additionally, by providing CPE group Rev Nhien makes space for my healing in community and I could not be more grateful. Thank you, Rev. Nhien, for all that you do!
Dr. Liora Elias
(MN, USA) Enneagram practitioner specializing in sex, sexuality & addiction, Founder of The Enneagram Dr
I'm 67 years old and have been exploring spirituality and reading spiritual works since the mid 1970s - everything from The Cloud of Unknowing to the Tao Te Ching. I would earnestly meditate for a stretch of time until I hit the hard stuff, and then give up in frustration. I had good intentions and a lot of information but nothing fundamentally shifted in my life for the better until I began participating in the CPE groups founded and expertly facilitated by Rev Nhien. Through these transformational groups, I now see the problematic patterns that have not served me well in life, and have enough witness consciousness as the result of twice daily centering prayer meditation to be more mindfully aware of my thoughts and actions as they are expressed in my daily life. I can now change those patterns that separate me from my highest good, and I am closely supported by a loving community of fellow sojourners who share authentically and vulnerably, giving me internal permission and courage to do the same. This practice is nothing short of miraculous! It truly transforms lives for the better, and I am grateful beyond words for it
John Greenleaf-Maple
Through its marriage of profound Enneagram insight with contemplative practice, Nhien’s work offers an invitation to real and lasting transformation. Whether in skillful and spacious facilitation of online community groups or in one-on-one coaching, Nhien exudes and models the kind of Presence that she knows is all of our birthright, and that she is committed to supporting us to embody ourselves.
Rachael Barham
(CANADA) Spiritual Formation Director at St. Stephen’s University
Evolving Enneagram has connected me to a community of like-minded people who love and support each other, allowing me to practice this work and connect with others on similar journeys is a safe, respectful community. I can’t say enough good things about EE's Founder Nhien. Her compassion, her intuition, her sense of understanding and weaving knowledge together, and her gift for sharing all of that make her an incredibly gifted spiritual coach, tutor and mentor. Thank you!
Sara Halverson
I have belonged to CPE groups since they were begun, about 5 years now (2017). Joining a CPE group has furthered my spiritual journey in numerous ways. The deep sharing of fellow group members helps me to understand others and gives me insights into my own personal journey. It has helped me to listen without the need to help or advise and the spiritual connection with myself and others is enriched beyond words. I have never felt more held than when I am sharing in my groups.
Joyce Mosiman
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To help you along your journey, Evolving Enneagram is pleased to provide the following free resources:
– Both the Welcoming Prayer and Centering Prayer steps are provided below as downloadable pdfs (simply click the image to download)
– Guided meditations by Rev. Nhien (click the image to go to the EE Podcast page to listen)

Learn the steps to the transformational Centering Prayer practice
Learn how to welcome your inner experience as an act of self compassion
Listen in as Nhien shares Enneagram insights and offers free guided meditations for your contemplative journey
Listen to past CPE participant and IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional Abbi Rodriguez interview Nhien about CPE groups

Voluntary contribution to CPE program

CPE is offered free to all who need it. Please consider that your voluntary contribution to our CPE programs is not meant to be “in exchange” for services offered but rather is intended as a pay-it-forward offering to keep these groups open to all who need it.🫶❤️ NOTE: For guidance, past CPE groups were $20/session.

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