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The Enneagram helps us to come home to ourselves, to live with greater authenticity and integrity, and to thrive in all areas of life.

Evolving Enneagram’s unique transformational approach to 1:1 work empowers individuals to realize their own wholeness and express their full potential.  We also nurture thriving partnerships and families by cultivating greater empathy and understanding using the Enneagram. 

The rich benefits of 1:1 Enneagram inner work include but are not limited to the following:


We have a team of professionals ready to support your Enneagram-informed path, from a place honors and is rooted in your unique background, personality, and beliefs.  As appropriate, your Evolving Enneagram guide will not only work 1:1 with you but also help you to discern the classes, small groups, videos, and/or books that can best support this season of your life.


Evolving Enneagram’s Founder Nhien Vuong is passionate about supporting individuals in transforming their lives from the inside out and in building bridges in all their relationships, beginning with their relationship with their inmost selves. On a limited basis, Nhien offers private Enneagram-informed mentoring for individuals, couples, partners (whether in life or in business), and families.


(she/her/hers) is a dynamic visionary who has a gift for seeing into the core of any issue and bringing hidden gifts to light. As the Founder of Evolving Enneagram, Nhien is devoted to helping individuals to discern their truths and to live from them. Personal integrity, faith, and groundedness is a vital foundation for all other relationships in our lives, including our relationships to ourselves, others, to the God of our understanding, and to the larger world.
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Angela Joy, M.A.

(she/her/hers) is a personal and spiritual evolutionary, pushing the boundaries of current perceptions in culture and religion. As Adjunct Faculty for Evolving Enneagram, Angela brings a deeply wise, powerful, and compassionate presence to her work as a Spiritual Tutor for Evolving Enneagram and a facilitator of transformational book studies and retreats.

Kristina Frank

(she/her/hers) is a long-time contemplative practitioner who deeply trusts the inner wisdom of each person to find their own way. As Adjunct Faculty for Evolving Enneagram, Kristina brings a deeply thoughtful, nurturing, and grounded presence to her work as a Spiritual Tutor for Evolving Enneagram and as a facilitator for Evolving Enneagram’s global Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram (CPE) groups.

Lyndsey Fraser, MA, LMFT, CST

Lyndsey (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified 4-D model therapist, and Certified Sex Therapist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the few sex therapists in the world working explicitly with the Enneagram, Lyndsey regularly makes guest appearances as an internationally recognized Enneagram “sexpert.” As Adjunct Faculty for Evolving Enneagram, Lyndsey offers courses as well as private Enneagram coaching specializing in relationships and sexuality for individuals and couples.

Macha Greenleaf-Maple, MSW

(she/her/hers) brings over 40 years of experience joining with individuals and small groups to support and facilitate exploration and connection in a variety of human circumstances. She holds degrees in adult mental health, psychology, women’s studies, and social work. She began studying the Enneagram in 2016, and finds this framework of understanding to be a particularly effective tool for herself and others whose journeys she’s privileged to share.