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Founders Circle

After much consultation with dear friends, I elected to found Evolving Enneagram not as a non-profit but as an LLC, in 2019. That was a scary decision, as I had never worked for myself before and had no training in running a business--much less try to build my own!

I am forever grateful to this amazing group of people who believed in me and helped me to launch Evolving Enneagram.

They are ministers, teachers, retired individuals, and more who each gifted me $500, without strings, to help me draw a larger circle of compassion in our world.

I love and appreciate each of you so much!




JoMarie Andrews

George Benner

Mary Ann Benner

Angela Joy

Kristina Frank & Family

Pastor Jeff Gannon

Reverend George Gordon

John Greenleaf-Maple

Macha Greenleaf-Maple

Jodi & Stuart Jackson

Joyce Mosiman

Paul Mosiman

Tom Nye & Cathy Joliffe

Patti & Jim Regan

Julie Sahlin

Jan & Keith Stanley

Carol Wells

Dr. Darrell & Trish Youngman

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