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Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div.



Nhien is a contemplative Enneagram thought leader and dynamic community builder who mentors conscious evolutionaries in overcoming barriers to systemic and sustainable change. A gifted listener, poetic storyteller, and international presenter, Nhien passionately champions the often underrepresented voices within ourselves and our communities, helping to meet our life challenges from a perspective that is integrated and whole. 

Nhien is an internationally accredited Enneagram professional, a certified Enneagram teacher, and the Founder of Evolving Enneagram. She has been studying the Enneagram since 2002, teaching it since 2007, and training other Enneagram professionals since 2017. She holds a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law, a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute & Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts Philosophy from the University of California Irvine.

Nhien has presented professionally at the IEA Global & Regional Conferences in countries including Egypt, the United States, and Stockholm and at the Enneagram Global Summit hosted online by The Shift Network—an event that reaches 40k+ people in over 150 countries.

An ordained interspiritual Unity minister, Nhien marries intellectual rigor with a heart for a more collaborative, compassionate world. Born in Vietnam and raised in the United States, she comes from a family of refugees who built their lives from the ground up. Nhien regularly offers scholarships for Evolving Enneagram’s many transformational programs and donates her time to various non-profits and the incarcerated. Her extensive experience in pastoral care, community building, and conflict resolution help to foster a world where everyone belongs.



What people are saying

- Frederik Coene


I have been studying and researching the Enneagram intensely for about 6 years with teachers around the world. I first met Nhien while participating in Seekers After Truth (SAT) in California in 2019 and have since been following her work. Nhien's approach to the Enneagram stands out internationally because she doesn't just "teach" the Enneagram. She applies it--uses it in a deeply practical way for real transformation. She doesn't just share dead words but inspires her students through passion.

- Tamer Zanaty

(EGYPT), Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator

As a presenter, Nhien creates very unique experiences from start to finish that engages both our hearts and minds. She is a charismatic speaker with years of experience under her belt added to her personal wisdom and compassion. I’ve gotten to attend multiple interactive workshops and presentations with Nhien, both online and in person. She impresses me with her ability to address challenging topics with simplicity and delicacy, as if using kid gloves. Nhien is also a serious professional who takes her professional development and inner practice seriously. This is evident in how she consistently achieves breakthroughs and amazing transformational results!

- Annabella Al-Nafusi


Nhien has a way of tapping into you and reflecting the unique wisdom you are and the wisdom you really are longing to hear. The first time I met Nhien, I immediately knew that she should be my new teacher. And the amazing part about her is that she is magnificent and larger than life on stage and yet very humble and present and there with you in her groups. Thus, it's difficult to ever feel alone in her group sessions. I have participated in numerous circles and spiritual groups, which all have their own way. The frame and the purpose in the Evolving Enneagram matches how I see Nhien integrate her lived life, and CPE is the best online group practice I have experienced so far!

- Steve Hankins


Nhien is one of those people you just feel blessed to have come across in any capacity. She is brilliant and insightful, and her spiritual guidance is truly transformational. I always depart from our work together feeling peaceful, grounded, and positive, in addition to learning a great deal about myself and my interaction with the world around me. The Enneagram is so much more powerful than anything I've ever worked with prior, and Nhien's expertise is a wonderful means of experiencing all it has to offer!


"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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