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Starting in 2012 and for six years running, Nhien had the blessing of serving as a writer & columnist for Unity’s two largest international publications, The Daily Word (Subscribe to The Daily Word) and Unity Magazine. She stepped down from both in 2018 and 2019, respectively, to focus on her Evolving Enneagram work. Since 2022, Nhien has been serving as an Enneagram consultant for Steadii, and has been invited to write both Enneagram and general pastoral articles for their program. Nhien’s poem “This Joy in Nothing” is published in the We’Moon 2023 calendar. Nhien is currently authoring a book on contemplative practices and the Enneagram. Below are some of her writings that are reprinted here with permission.

The Multifaceted Face of God

Nhiên tells her story of discovering the Enneagram and how it has transformed her life.

"The Enneagram has proved to be an invaluable road map for my journey of awakening—and that of countless others. Best known in modern times as a personality typing system, the Enneagram is much more than that. It is an ancient system of sacred psychology often traced back to the desert mothers and fathers (the third-century precursor of the Christian monastics)."

This article originally appeared in the November 2018 issue of Unity Magazine,

Belonging to the Cosmos

"As Fox
Nhiên interviews theologian Matthew Fox on Stations of the Cosmic Christ.

says, “If we can’t deny denial, then God is absent. God is about Truth. It’s not about denial.” Significantly, Fox is not referring to “Truth” as religious dogma; rather, he is referring to truth as a lived experience that begins with admitting facts and then moves into inspired action—action that is informed by a deep awareness of our true, divine nature and is thus marked by reverence and awe. More specifically, Fox believes that humans need to return to an experience of our inherent belonging—not merely to our families or communities but to the larger world, to the cosmos itself."

This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of Unity Magazine,

My Yoke is Easy, My Burden Light

Nhiên describes how the desire to serve is a natural byproduct of unitive consciousness.

"Many of us arrive at a new spiritual community with a similar mindset. We are often a combination of hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. We are typically voracious for genuine nourishment. We are usually at least somewhat angry with ourselves, our loved ones, and God. We are generally longing for—and, if we are honest, simultaneously fearful of—authentic connection. We are also weary of life and, at minimum, our own old ways of thinking and behaving. Initially, the focus of our path is usually (quite understandably) ourselves and alleviating our personal suffering."

This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of Unity Magazine,

Our Native Freedom

A Vietnamese refugee, Nhiên explores the meaning of worldly versus true, spiritual freedom.

"Studying the Enneagram showed me that my capacity to pursue happiness was constrained not because of anything “out there.” Rather, my opportunities for joy were suppressed because of old, limiting beliefs about my unworthiness, inadequacy, and lack of belonging.
I agree with Martha Smock that “the beginning of your freedom lies in your own mind.” However, we must distinguish between the personal mind, which believes it is separate from Spirit, and the Christ mind in us, which recognizes the perfection and wholeness of Spirit as native to us all. Identifying with our ego minds keeps us in bondage; realizing a Christ consciousness sets us free."

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of Unity Magazine,

When the Lights Go Out in the Sanctuary

Nhien shares about the fruits of staying put and deepening in spiritual community after the initial “romance” stage wears off.

"Recognizing this helped me choose a different path when I found Unity In Marin in California, which in 2005 became my primary spiritual community. As the Unity movement does for so many worldwide, my community offered me tremendous inspiration and comfort from the outset. The Unity teachings When the going gets tough, the tough shouldn’t necessarily get going. about the innate worth within all of us also shed light on the false nature of my core limiting beliefs, including the mistaken beliefs that I was defective and unlovable. Inspired by these and other teachings, by June 2006, I was already well into leadership service as a prayer chaplain, board member, and teacher."

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of Unity Magazine,

The 'Business' of Our Lives

Former Stanford attorney, Nhiên shares her personal experience with engaging in spiritual practices in the business world.

"A rising number of business leaders also believe businesses are meant to promote a higher purpose beyond profit maximization. Recognizing businesses’ interdependence, these leaders seek to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees and vendors. In recent years, prestigious business schools such as Harvard have begun to teach meditation. Economists are discussing the success of companies that focus on creating shared value. Sitting at my desk in 2005, I had no idea what “Conscious Capitalism” was and that it was happening. Only years later, after leaving my legal career to pursue a calling to Unity ministry, did I realize spirituality is transforming business as we know it!"

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue of Unity Magazine,