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We nurture thriving, collaborative work environments

Envision a work in environment in which you have a shared understanding of, and respect for, fundamentally different styles of working, communicating, and problem-solving.

Imagine having self awareness skills that enable you to recognize your own biases in leadership, management, or in responding to different leadership and management styles.

These are just some of the gifts that Enneagram literacy gives us in the workplace.

Ultimately, whether you’re a Fortune 500 business, a start up, a church, a burgeoning start-up, a professional group, or any other combination of people gathering for a shared mission, you can benefit from the Enneagram.

Evolving Enneagram offers customized Enneagram trainings for the unique needs and dynamics of each organization. Using the Enneagram, we help you to foster compassionate, change-ready culture using an Enneagram-informed, whole-person approach to leadership and team development. All our transformational Enneagram journeys are tailored to your organization’s needs, vision, budget, and values. 

Popular themes for team trainings include:

Introduction to the Enneagram

Get the basics of the 9 Personality Types and gain as sense of how those Types play out in your partnership or teams.

Enneagram & the Story of You

Become versed in your individual narratives. We can't evolve our stories until we first recognize the narratives we're telling ourselves, which can limit our perception of what options and gifts are available to us now!

Enneagram & the Story of Us

Come to a deeper understanding of your organization's implicit story. Make the implicit explicit so you can consciously shift the narrative to one that fits who you are today and where your organization hopes to be tomorrow.

Leadership Bias & the Enneagram

Specialized leadership trainings help team leaders and managers offset the biases and blind spots of their own Enneagram Types.

From Surviving to Thriving (with the Instincts)

Understand the role of instinctual biases in how people relate to change, preservation of organizational history, gossip, and marketing and promotional efforts. Once understood, you will never be baffled by certain organizational dynamics again!

Enneagram Conflict Styles

Gain and understanding and appreciation for the different ways different Enneagram Types manage (and sometimes run from) conflict.

Enneagram Communication Styles

Learn the different styles common to different personality types and how to better honor and respect styles different from your own.

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