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Integral Meditation: Mindfulness as a Path to Grow Up


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Originally recorded live, this 4-module Enneagram-informed book study, discussion, and meditation group on Integral Meditation led by Evolving Enneagram Adjunct Faculty Angela Joy Eby is now available as an online, self-study course. Included each week are guided meditations to support inner work.


Integral theory demonstrates that we have at least two very different types of growth:

Waking up–the ancient understanding of spiritual development and

Growing up–the modern understanding of psychological development.

By combining the understanding of these two very different types of growth, this book focuses our attention on the inner “maps” we use to navigate life. Using tools and mindfulness practices, we can unearth these unconscious maps, uprooting them in order to move to higher stages of consciousness. Paired with our understanding of the Enneagram as sacred psychology, this study promises to aid us in our personal and collective growth and transformation.

  • Module 1: Introduction & Ch. 1: Growing Up: The Hidden Maps of Development
  • Module 2: Ch. 2 Waking Up: The Steps to Enlightenment
  • Module 3: Ch. 3 Showing Up: The Many Perspectives of Consciousness
  • Module 4: Chs. 4 & 5: Our Many Streams: Exploring Multiple Intelligences  & The Total Painting of All That Is

Each module is broken down (approximately) as follows: 1 hour teaching, 30 minutes meditation practice, 1 hour interactive discussion.

Book: The book is not included in course registration. Please purchase the book separately. The book can be found here in various print and electronic formats.