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Nhien Vuong - Founder

Welcome to Evolving Enneagram

Participate in a global movement of Enneagram-informed transformation.


We use a contemplative approach to the Enneagram to help you to find your way home to greater self-acceptance and inner peace and to express your soul’s unique purpose throughout every domain of life.



For individuals, couples, and families

We empower individuals to realize their own wholeness and express their full potential.  We also nurture thriving partnerships and families by cultivating greater empathy and understanding using the Enneagram.


For leaders, businesses, and organizations

We foster compassionate, change-ready culture using an Enneagram-informed whole-person approach to leadership and team development. 



For those seeking Enneagram community

We cultivate wholeness and unity in our world by nurturing compassionate, Enneagram-fluent communities that offer meditative practice opportunities without dogma.



IEA Accreditation with Distinction Mark

What our clients are saying

A year ago, I shared with a close friend that I felt Iike I was entering a creative new season in my career. I didn’t know how to make space for what was unfolding and I definitely didn’t want to repeat my old, harsh work habits. Thankfully my friend referred me to Nhien.  

Nhien’s coaching and tutoring has been an incredible gift over this past year. Sessions with Nhien combine her wisdom, her compassion, her incredible gifts in providing spiritual care, and her acumen as a leader and founder. The way she teaches the Enneagram allowed me to see new opportunities for spiritual growth, including practicing courageous vulnerability. We worked on the career and work questions I first arrived with and I gained invaluable insights about relationships, family, spiritual practices and theology. I’m ending this year celebrating a deeply fulfilling new career, a healthier, spiritually nourishing relationship to work, and more honest, connected relationships with other people and with myself. I recommend Nhien without reservation. If you have the chance to work with her, do it! “

Alexis Morin (NY, USA)
Soul Work Coaching

“After working with Nhien for only the past few months, I am already so grateful for the profound impact I have experienced through her coaching – personally, in my close relationships and professionally. Nhien is uniquely sharp and compassionate as a person and a coach and her ability to connect with people seems effortless. The way she applies the enneagram framework together with a spiritual orientation to coaching – as a means for personal understanding and growth – feels like a rare gem.

Every session has taught me something new and important about myself and how I show up in the world, and has given me concrete tools and practices through which to grow. I cannot recommend her enough (and continue to actually recommend her to anyone that would hear me).”

Dmitri Holtzman (NY, USA)

“My first encounter with Nhien as a speaker was through an IEA Webinar, where she was sharing with the audience about spirituality. I instantly knew there was something here that touched me. We then met in person at the IEA Egypt and IEA Nordic conference and I can still remember how Nhien was savoring every moment while in Egypt and my thought was ” Wow it’s so beautiful being able to stay fully present to the moment and experience”, she definitely caught my attention. Later on, I started joining CPE with her and intend to continue being part of this practice. Nhien has a very subtle and warm approach in her teaching & guidance. She gently invites you to the depth of your inner territory while sharing her inner territory as well resulting in a very safe space for reflection and emptying. Thank you Nhien.”

Rania Hussein (Egypt)
IEA Accredited Professional & Life Coach

“I have been studying the Enneagram for nearly 30 years. For the first time, I have found someone, Rev. Nhien, who has the unique ability, in her writing and teaching, to integrate the disciplines of spirituality, psychology, anthropology, theology, and the truths of the Enneagram into a beautiful and cohesive expression by which persons can be transformed. I am extremely thankful for Rev. Nhien. She is amazingly profound!”

Pastor Jeff Gannon (KS, USA)
Senior Minister, Chapel Hill United Methodist Church


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