Relevant and Compelling...

The faithful and consistent work that Rev. Nhien does through her innovative Enneagram classes— and particularly her transformative Contemplative Practices and the Enneagram practice groups — is among the most relevant and compelling endeavors on the landscape of integrating spiritual practice and what can be learned from the teaching of the Enneagram.

— Christopher L. Heuertz, Founding Partner of GRAVITY, A CENTER FOR CONTEMPLATIVE ACTIVISM and author of "THE SACRED ENNEAGRAM"


“I have been studying the Enneagram for nearly 30 years. For the first time, I have found someone, Rev. Nhien, who has the unique ability, in her writing and teaching, to integrate the disciplines of spirituality, psychology, anthropology, theology, and the truths of the Enneagram into a beautiful and cohesive expression by which persons can be transformed. I am extremely thankful for Rev. Nhien. She is amazingly profound!”
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Pastor Jeff Gannon, Senior Minister, Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

A supportive, affirming atmosphere…

As someone who has participated in many enrichment or transformational groups for both my personal and professional growth, I want to commend Nhien Vuong for creating a setting/opportunity using the Enneagram and Centering Prayer that offers a compassionate and perceptive self-discovery path in a supportive, affirming atmosphere as one experiences being genuinely held and respected in the presence of others. I have benefited immensely through my participation in the group.
— George Gordon, Th.D., Pastoral Counselor and Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition (Helen Palmer and David Daniels, Founders)

my life has improved markedly…

Understanding myself and others though the rich, holistic paradigm of the Enneagram has opened my world to so much growth! This framework provides practical tools to free myself from habituated behavioral and thought patterns, as well as shedding light on ways others think and behave, and how we can relate more successfully.

Far beyond simple categories of personality, Enneagram types reveal how we separate ourselves from Truth. Spiritually, interpersonally, and pragmatically, my life has improved markedly since I began studying this model of human diversity. Through her classes, Rev Nhien generously shares her considerable depth of knowledge and keen insight into the Enneagram in ways both engaging and entertaining! Panel discussions expand upon her teaching to provide examples of lived-experience from the vantage of the different types. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have a world class teacher in my home town, and learn so much each time I attend Rev Nhien’s courses!

I highly recommend this approach to growth—spiritual, inter-personal, and personal! Nhien Vuong’s exceptional ability to synthesize and transmit deep wisdom and practical tools has helped me make massive, positive change in my life!

I’m very excited to see what she brings forth in this new evolutionary moment of her teaching!!

— Five-Star Facebook Review from Macha Greenleaf-Maple


Rev. Nhien’s Enneagram classes, combined with her teachings around active listening, authentic expression, and contemplative practices, have been truly transformational in my personal and spiritual growth, and have been instrumental in improving communication with my wife and others. With this knowledge we are able to maintain a more compassionate awareness of ourselves and one another’s motivations and needs, and thus make better choices as to how we show up for each other and the world. The Enneagram doesn’t just help us see who we typically are; it shows us who we can be by breaking away from previously unrecognized patterned conditioning that does not serve our highest good.

I’m 67 years old and have been exploring spirituality and reading spiritual works since the mid 1970s - everything from The Cloud of Unknowing to the Tao Te Ching. I would earnestly meditate for a stretch of time until I hit the hard stuff, and then give up in frustration. I had good intentions and a lot of information but nothing fundamentally shifted in my life for the better until I began participating in the Contemplative Practices and the Enneagram (aka “CPE”) groups founded and expertly facilitated by Rev Nhien Vuong. Through these transformational groups, I now see the problematic patterns that have not served me well in life, and have enough witness consciousness as the result of twice daily centering prayer meditation to be more mindfully aware of my thoughts and actions as they are expressed in my daily life. I can now change those patterns that separate me from my highest good, and I am closely supported by a loving community of fellow sojourners who share authentically and vulnerably, giving me internal permission and courage to do the same.

This practice is nothing short of miraculous! It truly transforms lives for the better, and I am grateful beyond words for it.
— Five-Star Facebook Review from John Greenleaf-Maple

Sacred, Life-giving

In Rev Nhien’s Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram (CPE) practice and support groups and the related classes and community that has formed around CPE, I have found a profound, sacred, life-giving home that is available to everyone. There is no prerequisite beyond openness and curiosity. It’s a place to learn joy and to fully live! I can’t recommend it enough.
— Kristina Frank

Not to be missed!

I have been a serious student of the Enneagram for a number of years and I was grateful to find a post in Facebook about an Enneagram class being taught by Rev. Nhien. Having been to several workshops in the past which were taught by renown Enneagram teachers I was happy to find that classes were being offered here in Kansas City. Rev. Nhien’s insights about and her obvious enthusiasm for this wonderful tool of sacred psychology are not to be missed. She has an astonishing ability to clearly and concisely express Enneagram wisdom to beginners as well as to advanced students. Remarkable too are that her teachings come forth filtered through her deep understanding of human development and an authentic and inclusive spirituality. She also understands the importance of combining the Enneagram with a contemplative practice to enhance and turbocharge spiritual development. Her CPE (Centering Prayer – Enneagram) groups provide a safe and exquisite space which leads to a deeper awakening and a movement toward authentic community with others.

My study of the Enneagram over the years has been transformative with respect to building empathy and understanding for others, for my relationships, and for myself. As a member a 12 Step program I am grateful for the many insights of the Enneagram. The Enneagram continues to provide me with a more accurate map for my own Spiritual progress and as a sponsor this has been such a great tool to help others as they work through the 12 steps.
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Tom Nye, student of the Enneagram since 2003

Buckle Up!

About 2 years ago, I was introduced to the enneagram. It’s been during the last year though that I really started my inner work and the enneagram has been a large part of that effort. In the first few class meetings with Rev Nhien, I gained an understanding of why I say, do, and respond to different things. The big realization was that there were many other people like me! I began to notice that I was not deficient and in need of change. Rather I was whole and in need of contemplation.

Buckle up! You are in for a life changing experience!
— Julie S.

I am Wonderstruck!

I am wonderstruck by Rev Nhien’s courage, knowledge and ability to convey the enneagram in such a way that she brings such life to it. I feel so fortunate to be learning from her!
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Carol Wells

Learning to let go

Learning to let go of my ego compulsions.
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Luzma Alvarez

It’s made a huge difference in my life

(Do you recommend Evolving Enneagram?) Oh boy do I- it’s made a huge difference in my life.
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Marianne Carr

Solid ground and sacred rest

A spiritual approach to self-awareness and growth through the power of the Enneagram! Rev Nhien’s teachings, and contemplative practice groups, as well, are helping so many to heal and transform their lives!

The classes and groups that I have been a part of here at Unity Temple on the Plaza have been transformational for me. Studying under Rev. Nhien, as well as practicing centering prayer/meditation in her CPE group setting, I find that my ever busy, wandering mind finds solid ground, and sacred rest.

In a class setting, my intellectual mind gets satisfaction in learning and understanding, and gaining tools for living my best life. Learning the 9 types, how we relate to the world, what our different fears and coping mechanisms are, and how we can grow through that knowledge, has been life changing! For someone who loves to learn, and loves interpersonal relationship stuff, this is GOLD!
— Sara Page

Inviting others along the path…

Reverend Nhien is an amazing human being, teacher and leader. She practices what she teaches and invites others along the path with her. Nhien has a thorough understanding of the Enneagram and provides insight into its personal application for spiritual growth. I have benefited personally as a result of attending her workshops, retreats, and weekly Centering Prayer Enneagram groups at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City.
— Five-Star Facebook Review from Mary Ann Benner