Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram Practice & Support Groups (nicknamed “CPE”) were founded in 2017 by Nhien as a means of offering Enneagram-literate conscious community to those of us seeking to go beyond intellectual understanding of the Enneagram and apply the Enneagram to our lives, to transform our lives and the world from the inside out. If this calls to you, read on for more information about the requirements and what to expect. 



Mondays 6-8pm CST led by Nhien Vuong, starting August 22, 2022. Info: Apply to register for Monday CPE Tuesdays 3-5pm CST led by Angela Joy Eby starting August 23, 2022. Info: Apply to register for Tuesday CPE

BRAND NEW! Wednesdays International Cohort 1-3 pm CST led by Nhien Vuong, starting August 23, 2022. Info: Apply to Register for Wed CPE

.CPE groups are unique, transformational, interspiritual “small groups” ranging from 6 to 20 people of diverse spiritual backgrounds from around the world. 

.CPE is designed for individuals who know their Enneagram type and who seek to cultivate a discipline of contemplative practice in a compassionate, non-dogmatic Enneagram-literate community. 

.Each CPE cohort meets weekly for 2 hours per session. We start our time together with a brief guided meditation, check ins, and then practice at least 20 minutes of centering prayer (a practice of sacred silence & surrender) each meeting. Each meeting, we also explore a topic related to the Enneagram &/or contemplative practice.

.The commitment is typically to a 10-week period followed by a break and then a new 10-week cohort begins. Certain sessions go 8 weeks to account for holiday periods. Notably, most participants re-up each new 10-week period to foster community & continue their journeys.

.Group sharing is held in a sacred listening context, under the belief that you already have wisdom within you and our group’s presencing you, we support you in discerning and embodying your own truth.

.Prior knowledge of Centering Prayer is a plus but NOT mandatory as the practice will be taught in the first group meeting.


To help you along your journey, Evolving Enneagram is pleased to provide the following free resources:
– Both the Welcoming Prayer and Centering Prayer steps are provided below as downloadable pdfs (simply click the image to download)
– Guided meditations by Rev. Nhien (click the image to go to the EE Podcast page to listen)